Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gigstar for Android

Gigstar is a free gig guide for Android but with a few differences...

You can configure an artist watchlist so that when those artists are playing near you, you get notified.

Your watchlist can automatically sync with the artists on your phone and LastFM account, which works especially well if you scrobble.

You can also browse and search for events/artists, view maps, buy tickets, add events to your calendar, email events, find similar artists, etc.

I hope you like it :)

(Click to enlarge screenshots)


  1. Hello,
    First thanks for all the hard work you do, I love your apps.

    Gigstar don't found any gigs near me!!! Alice found a hundred but no one with Gigstar...

    And can you please keep the button like Add and Sync with Menu button of the phone?

    Thanks you

  2. Hi Tim

    Excellent concept - but unfortunately it does not work for me on an X10 Mini in Denmark. Alice finds hundreds of concerts but Gigstar does not find a single one.

    Thanks for all your work though.


  3. I really appreciated Alice and it was the first android app I paid for (in recognition of the development effort, not the youtube support!). Is there a changelog for this version of the program?