Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Pocket Retired

I am retiring Pocket and unpublishing it from the Play Store. The code base is too old now, and it would need a complete rewrite to keep up with the fast changing world of Android. There are a lot of better (and more maintained) password managers out there now such as SafeInCloud, Enpass, Lastpass, etc.

Because I have not been keeping Pocket up to date, the Dropbox API is no longer syncing. You can still use Pocket, but it just will not sync. You can also still access all your data saved on Dropbox with the desktop version, which just reads the file locally on your computer. Here is the link in case anyone needs it:

You can export your data from Pocket under Config>Export. As for importing this information into another password manager, I think it depends on which password manager, whether they will be able to automatically read the Pocket format.

Thank you to all those who used Pocket.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eye In Sky Weather

Weather Eye is now renamed to Eye In Sky Weather because of trademark conflicts in Canada and the US. I just released a major new version with loads more functionality (although there may be a few rough edges I need to iron out this week). This release includes a redesigned interface with 48 hour and 15 day forecasts. There is also now a tablet version, plus a bunch of minor tweaks, new settings and bug fixes.

Available on Google Play here.

I have set up a forum for bug reports, suggestions and general feedback here.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tilt-Shift Faking

This is my attempt at faking tilt-shift. The picture is a shot I took in Croatia several years ago.