Monday, 15 March 2010

Urban Dictionary for Android

UPDATE: Unfortunately I had to take this app down because it used the Urban Dictionary trademark, which  I understand they need to protect for legal reasons...Sorry! The app may come back under a different name at some point in the future, pending the release of an official API :)

This is a simple Android client for the amazing website Urban Dictionary, a user generated source of modern slang.

✓ Browse over 6.5 million definitions
✓ Share words
✓ Daily word
✓ Shake for random word
✓ Related words
✓ History
✓ Starred words
✓ Home screen widget (widgets only show if you have not moved the app to the sdcard) 

Download from Google Play here.

If Urban Dictionary offends you, don't use this app!

If you get 'Unable to fetch definition' it can be because Urban Dictionary content is blocked by software on your phone, or by your service provider. Try visiting the Urban Dictionary website directly to confirm this. If your Network Operator is blocking Urban Dictionary, you might only be able to access the application through WiFi.


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