Thursday, 2 August 2007


Turned out I was quite sick for 10 days - with fever and vomiting, leaving me feeling half dead. I toughed out 3 days of the fever in my hotel before realising i was getting too weak to go downstairs to buy water and ended up spending a week in the hospital on a drip (and some occasional oxygen). The major diseases came back negative - malaria, typhoid, dengue fever. The doctors say i have bronchitis, but they think the bronchitis is a secondary infection rather than the main cause of my fever.

Anyway - I gave up on my adventuring for a while and have come back to adelaide to recover at my parents place.

It's a cruel world out there for a nice guy like me.


  1. Hey Buddy its Mikey. Hope your well man. Sounds pretty awful. Im back in England now and the weather is shit. Get well soon mate and look me up if your ever in the UK.

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  4. This post is likeable and your blog is very interesting, congratulations.

    Perhaps these posts would be more likeable and your blog would be even more interesting if it contained less near death experiences.

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