Monday, 14 February 2011

Pocket FAQ

How can I access/input the data on a PC?

Download the latest Pocket for Desktops and Laptops from here (under Desktop Access section).

Why doesn't the PRO version open?
The PRO version of Pocket is just a key. You still need the free version installed.

Is Dropbox for 2-way sync or just backup?
The latest version of Pocket supports a simple 2-way sync so you can have multiple devices and it will prompt you to update your wallet if your local version number is less than the Dropbox Pocket version number.

How do I import?
You can import an existing during the setup wizard either from your SDCard or from Dropbox.

What happens if I lose my phone?
Your data is encrypted so without the master password your data cannot be accessed. If you backed up your data to Dropbox then you can still access your data either on another Android device or via one of the desktop versions of Pocket.